Newark Home Builders has been building homes for over 40 years. A third generation business, the company started in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, later moving to also service Northern Illinois and SouthCentral Wisconsin.

Newark builds differently from most home builders. They have set designs that their building teams learn inside out, becoming very precise in each home’s development.

They build with a big approach, literally starting numerous houses at one time. This allows them to buy in quantity: from furnaces and water heaters, to showers and flooring, to every component that goes into a house. Their buying power allows them to negotiate and save, and these savings are passed onto the homeowner.

In fact, they have a warehouse near the Wisconsin-Illinois border filled with building materials for their use.

But they are not just homebuilders, they are also developers. This means they buy large areas of land (usually farmland) and develop it. Once again, this approach allows them to “buy in bulk”, the lots become much cheaper when purchased en masse. By cutting out the middleman, they can create huge savings for the home buyer.